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  1. adrienne fleet says:

    I am trying to see the tour dates for your sixties show .I live in Portsmouth Hampshire ,so would need to know the nearest location to that .Thanks

  2. Gordon Lee says:

    Am now 73, an ex Hemel H boy, my home of 40 years is in Papua New Guinea, South Pacific: returning 23 Nov. Wanna go to a “do” in Herts or close. Please give me Nov dates & venues. Please!
    Gordy Lee

  3. John Pennington says:

    Fantastic night last night at Liverpool Phil all the artists were outstanding but Brian and the boys were a cut above the rest

  4. John Pennington says:

    Great night in Liverpool Brian and the boys were a cut above the rest

  5. Alistair Howat says:

    Hi Brian
    I was at Glasgow concert hall on Wednesday, what a great show. What a great backing band for 4 artists. Was that your band Electrix? I see that the Searchers are doing Ayr Gaiety theatre next year why about including that venue on any future tour!
    Best wishes
    Alistair Howat

  6. Tony Troop says:

    Is there any tour planned for 2017?

  7. Great night at ipswich regent last night took us back in time just love your music sorry to see the fall at the end hope he was OK at the end of night

  8. dave white says:

    l actually know Brian and dave and alan all brought up to gether in the 60s in Dagenham if any one sees dave ask him to contact dave white sheals brother

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