Solid Silver Sixties tour dates starting 15 March 2019. Why not pop along & see us.

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  1. Charlie Dawud says:

    Hi Brian,

    Are you planning a tour of Australia especially Perth, Western Australia?


  2. Richard Illingworth says:

    Just seen the show in Dartford. Great entertainment and music. Brilliant.

  3. Audrey Currie says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the show last night in the Playhouse in Edinburgh. You’ve certainly not lost it, Brian especially when you sung Someone Someone…Had the same effect on me last night as it did in the 60’ emotional. Hope you have a long, healthy and happy retirement…” Thank you for the Music”

  4. Dorothy le-Cornu says:

    Really enjoyed meeting with you again Brian and this time at the Anvil, Basingstoke on the 17th March 2019 where you signed two photographs for me and your CD. Really great show throughout. Hope to see you again in the future at a show sometime, though I know you were retiring and/or cutting down on doing tours. Thanks for some great songs and music Brian and keep well for in the future. will miss you. Xxx

  5. julia SMITH-MARTIN says:

    I am so upset went to MK Theatre February this year 2019 thinking Iwas gonna see one my heart throbs from the sixt,because along with like Chris Farlow Hermans Hermits was also listed, my Daughter treated me to tickets for both her an myself we were so excited thinking we were going to see PETER NOONE entertainers that were there, were very good they werent who we wanted iwas a great walk down memory lane to see particulary.,I have recently become an amputee so obviously I am in a wheelchair so can’t just park my self anywhere, even so tickets sold out in milton Keynes. I am so upset I think this would have been my last oppertunity to see these guys who where a huge part of mylife asgreat entertainers reason being I have many major health issues an I have just turned 71yrs.these guys played a huge part in my teenage years.I am absolutely heart broken right now. I know you will all get a great welcome which ever venue you perform at so all the break a leg as I believe people used to say.. not that I want any of you to literally do that..Thank you for my great memories.wish you all well an hope you carry on giving enjoyment to all

  6. Paul Mears says:

    Yeah unfortunately Peter has not been with Herman’s Hermits for some time now. Has done the one off odd show with them but it is rare.

  7. Hey Mates, Any chance of you beating the “Tariffs” (Ha!) and coming to the good ‘ol USofA? Love to see, (and HEAR) ya! Gb g

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